Wollongong/Shellharbour Specific Data Info

Concern from local councils has led to a study being undertaken which has identified some bias in 2016 IFDs around the Illawarra escarpment and recommended a set of Revised IFDs derived for the area that better matched at-site rainfall frequency estimates be used in studies in the area.

Wollongong City Council is using this Revised IFD information in the review of their catchment wide flood studies in preference to the BoM 2016 IFDs information as they better match at-site data. Shellharbour City Council is assessing the use of the BoM 2016 IFD Data as well as the Revised 2016 IFD data in review of catchment wide flood studies within the Local Government Area. Given the catchment wide reviews are ongoing the Councils are requesting that any stormwater designs or DA related flood/stormwater assessments be undertaken with the 1987 IFDs and methods until further notice. For further information contact Council directly.